Thursday, October 6

Rainy Days

Instead of sulking over the weekend due to bad weather, we were blessed with the free spirited Eyna and Thomas. We visited an old ruin in Koenigstein formerly a castle back in the 13th century, went to Explora museum and tried solving their puzzles and viewed those 3d pics (whew! what a mind boggling afternoon) and Frankfurt (see a bit of the skyscraper there in the picture?). It was like having a foto shooting with the little light that we have, we managed to indeed have some wacky pictures to make the day a bit brighter. Hey, let me out of here!!!

Here the knights in shining armour having an umbrella fight.

Or just the supermodels wanna be enjoying a photo shoot

Oh Captain, my Captain!

1 comment:

eyna said...

hi te toni! ang saya saya! I think next week we will receive a call from photo agencies to sign a modelling contract. ahahahaha.