Wednesday, October 19

October Blues

There's really no stopping the coming of autumn and with it winter hanging around the corner. Still I am thankful for the myriad of colors that just describes this season. It's really a love and hate situation. Me hating the cold and dark mornings (still waiting for the 1 hour back they took from us last easter) but loving the multi-colored world this season brings. The rustle of the falling leaves, the eager and busy squirrel in the neighborhood collecting his stack for the whole winter, the joyous children hopping and jumping on a pile of dried, crisp leaves and collecting all those nuts falling from the trees are just some of the things we can't take away from autumn. I grew up without this season, I just saw it on movies and television and thought it's probably a very romantic time of the year. Is it really? I just noticed that the people who used to have a smile on their face during summer have disappeared. People rush past me and walk so briskly and gruntly holding on to their coats. It's a dark morning and they are all rushing to their destination. Gone are the people drinking coffee and chatting in the street cafes or queing in line to have a scoop of ice cream. The street cafes have gathered all their tables and chairs and stored them back to where they belong. Indeed, behind each season is a story to tell. It's weird that I have never thought of weather so seriously before when I used to live in the tropics, there in the in the Philippines, I either hate it because it's so sunny and hot or because it's rainy and wet. We only have two seasons, wet and dry but still wasn't contented with it. We have much sunshine and it's not so hard to get up mornings because the sun creeps into your window starting 5:45 and comes out with megawatts of light in a flash. But then again we don't have the long evenings on summer where you can enjoy light till 10 p.m.. Vlado said it's so weird that during sunsets at 5:45 pm the sun goes down and down and down. It doesn't even linger a little bit so you can enjoy more the colors, longer.. it passes by so fast you have to really stop whatever you are doing if you want to enjoy it and then it's over, fleeting like an illusive shooting star.
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