Monday, October 24

birthday photos

Thank you very much for the birthday greetings you guys all sent my way. For those still waiting to know what we did last October 15 and how we celebrated it. Vlado and I went on a weekend getaway in Erlangen, about 2.5 hours drive from where we live. Vlado booked a special wellness packaged for us where we got pampered from head to toe. We had really good weather and there were really a lot going on in the small cities we travelled into. It seems this time of the year is really good to travel around Germany because there are lots of programs going on, we even had a chance to go to a medieval market. However I wasn't able to take some pictures because I was not so sure if the people would allow it and I was a bit lazy to make some click click here and there. The people were really dressed and even speaking like in the olden times. Aside from sight seeing, we did some shopping in the great adidas outlet store, we actually just saw the advertisement in the hotel's website and checked it out. But wow to our delight! The shop was really so big like an Ikea but just with lots of Adidas stuff from head to toe. A whole floor for just football items! Imagine??!! There were lots of Asians too in there, Japanese, Chinese, Koreans. Vlado said they might have come there in tourist buses. I thought we were entering a stadium of some sort. Even Vlado who's not into shopping enjoyed much of it and decided to check the wares on his own. All the items were really discounted. Such bargains! Of course we didn't go home empty headed. Well that's about it, the next day we went to nuernberg a town famous for its ginger cookies (lebkuchen), sausage and of course the christmas market (and other political facts and details too). We intend to go there again in the future because the city looks really interesting and has a lot to offer than just a short excursion. Well that was it. Now I'm a year older and a year wiser (hopefully).  Posted by Picasa

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ging said...

you had a wonderful birthday celebration out there...nice to hear that
you had plans already moving?well that's good wish i could visit your house it really like that when you are moving you need to inform 6
months ahead?well anyway hope to see some more pic of you...miss you!!!