Tuesday, November 1

Colors of Autumn

Last Sunday, Vlado and I took a walk in the woods and we had a really nice time enjoying the autumn weather. The autumn sun was shining really nice, illuminating the leaves and making the walk more pleasant. We were able to see so many different kinds of mushrooms. We don't have any idea if they are poisonous or whatever it is they are called. They do indeed look nice and some appetizing (hmm.. lecker!) I had a really good appetite after the walk, but unfortunately, the restaurant in the forest (which claimed to have existed as a manor house since the 13th century), was full with people. I lined up 30 minutes for 2 glasses of fresh apple juice, direct from their plantation and the moment I arrived at the table to order for the meal (due to lack of manpower, drinks and meals are supposed to be ordered separately), there's no warm meal anymore. Except for the usual cheese and bread. (this really ruined Vlado's fantastic mood).Well that's goodbye to the nice mushroom sauce I was thinking about. In the end we ended up with a cheeseburger from Ronald Mc Donald. Oh well.. There you go, communing with nature and the fast paced life (or rather fast food) We actually wanted to go to church that's why we had to grab something really fast and tolerable.

The autumn sun illuminates the leaves, they look as if they are almost transparent, amazing isn't it? Indeed, I must admit, autumn is a romantic season.

Beautiful path filled with crisp autumn leaves.

The ray of sunshine coming between the trees makes me think about hope and God.

Isn't it amazing how many shades this set of leaves have, when in fact they just probably came from the same tree?

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