Monday, October 24

Updates! Updates!

Well I'm a bit in the mood to some more writing so I'll make use of this situation. The caffeine seems to be working and my work day was not so stressful as it should be (lots of children on holiday and sick so we have a 50% decrease in attendance). Vlado and I have some new updates.
Update No. 1 - Starting April next year we would be relocating somewhere else. Where? We just don't know. Isn't life so exciting? We just informed our Landlord that we would be transfering to a new apartment after the notice. The notice is to be given 6 months prior to the moving date and we chose Spring as the best time - April. We don't have any idea if we will stay in this area but we have hopes that we can stay in this area but find a bigger apartment. (is that too much to ask? - yes it seems so but who knows??)
Update No. 2 - Vlado hasn't found a new job yet so friends do include that still in your prayers, wishes, positive thoughts and vibrations that you send us. The decision to move to a new apartment was apparently in line with this hope of finding a new job but till now it hasn't materialize yet so we decided to just move on and see what happens. He is still in Muenster 4 days/3 nights a week where his project is.
Update No. 3 - It really is not an update but just an info-- we still don't have plans for New Year's. Any of you have plans out there? Or some ideas? Christmas is almost 100% taken cared of, we'll be celebrating it with my good old friend visiting from the states. But New Year's?? Hello? Anybody has a brilliant plan/invitation/tip? Thanks
Update No. 4 - Vlado and I are into a new project and that is to find a new car for me so I can use it and scratch it the way I want. Well it's not easy as it seems, so far we have test drived and checked 4 or 5 cars this weekend. Today we almost made it to buy an automatic Toyota Starlet but my knees just kept bumping under the steering wheel. I think my legs are too long. After a few minutes of testing it, I have a feeling my knees were rather swollen. Vlado was a bit sad because he said the car was ok and so far the best we have seen the last few days.
Update No. 5 - Baghira the cat was severely hurt three weeks ago fighting with a robust and stronger cat in the neighborhood. He was operated on the left part of his face and looks like a freak cat without much hair that part of the face. Got scared that he might not make it but this guy has nine lives so, glad he still has some left.
That's just about it for the updates. I can't think of anymore at this moment.

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