Monday, December 5

Hohoho! Merry Christmas!

Guess who's behind the santa suit?
Tonight December 5, most kids in Germany will be cleaning their shoes and putting them on the doorstep to get some goodies from Sankt Nikolaus. The traditional goodies are chocolates, nuts, orange and cookies.Lecker! Lecker! So when they wake up tomorrow to get dressed up the shoes will be filled with goodies galore! At work, I tried to finish making 66 bags of goodies for our kids in the kindergarden because we would be celebrating Sankt Nikolaus Tag (Saint Nicholas Day) tomorrow. That was really fun making those bags, although honestly I wasn't able to finish it. So have to finish it early tomorrow before the big celebration.
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gerominaa said...

i really love this pic of kuya vlado...i hope one ay he will wear this here in the philippines and be our santa!