Tuesday, January 17

Apartment Hunting Part 3

There had been more apartments (probably about 4 more) which we have seen but I won't be describing them anymore because we opted to settle for Apartment #3. The garden is just too irresistable to turn down despite the rustic/german folk look of our future living room. Plus it's not too far from where we live now (11 kilometers) so we won't be missing the "semi hometown" we have made of this city.
However the contract is not yet signed so have to be a little bit patient before I get very excited with all the planning.
Aside from that it's snowing once again this part of the earth.. i think it's about time to have an end to this winter weather (pleeeeeaaaaassssseeee!)--- this is really starting to irritate me.. my legs are hurting badly tonight probably from standing outside in the playground while watching the happy kids enjoy the snow (wish I could be as happy as them with my autumn shoes- compared to them I am not geared up at all.... they have their winter suits and ski shoes and really warm handgloves and hats and scarves.. all the works!) See even Baghira can't wait for Spring to come.,..

Hmmm... back in my home country (or in Brunei where I used to work)we really didn't complain or talk about the weather, it's just there, it happens.. but here it's a major topic in all the converstations....
at work 7:45 am, just arrived
Toni (bit tired and sleepy): Good morning everybody!
Colleague/s (looking bored or sleepy?): Ach it's so cold, good morning!
another colleague: heard in the radio it's going to be -5 today with icy roads,snow.. blahblahblah..ach it's so cold
Toni: I'm sleepy... has that something to do with the weather?
Colleage/s: of course... did you know that due to the pressure in the wind.,,,,blah blah blah.....and the headaches are caused by the .. blah blah blah...
Child X (w/ bright eyes): Good morning everybody , heard it's going to snow..yipee!
Toni or of one of the colleagues: Hope you have your ski suit/pants with you ...blah blah blah....or else blah blah blah....

some time during the course of work, overheard from colleagues
Colleague 1: can't wait for spring.. this is disgusting..
Colleague 2: they said that winter will be longer...blah blah blah..
Colleague 3: saw in the weather report that the coming weekend will be milder.. blah.. blah.. blah....
Colleague 1: i don't believe that, did you know that according to the weather forecast today---- blah blah blah-..

See what I mean? There's even more to that but I don't want to elaborate on that, let's just wait till summer comes-- wonder how it would go...As for me, I have become dependent on my new gadget (the thermometer) to tell me the temperature outside before I go out or even sometimes when I am walking past it, I checked it out to say hello to it (hello my little gadget, what's happening out there? what -3? not again!!! ---although i am actually in a heated room with a 21 degrees temperature--weird right?) Well I guess I have adopted to this culture in a way, now I know why one of the first things they teach you in the language school is guess what?? Talking about the weather!


doris said...

same here Toni... i used to find it weird that Tony always knew what the temperature is or what it will be the next day .. now I do the same.. i actually watch the news to find out what kind of day the next day will be.. will it be nice? scorching hot? bearably warm ? etc etc... we grew up not caring about the weather / temperature-it's just there ! Aren't we lucky we had one less thing to worry about then ???

vlado&toni said...

Yes you are right about that. That was one thing less to worry about that's why we don't have as much wrinkles as we ought to have.. (smile-smile)