Saturday, January 21

Not so good week

This week doesn't seem to run smooth as it should be. First Vlado is sick (usually it is me who's sick), second the supposed to be landlord for the new apartment has not at all contacted us for the apartment contract (Vlado called him everyday but he just doesn't answer his phone) and third this cat-guy is sick and seriously sick it seems. He has been coughing once in a while since December and it doesn't look good at all to see(or hear) a coughing cat. He behaves normally, eats good and still is playful and loud except for the horrible sounding cough that has worried us(especially me) the last few weeks. We have been at the vet's office today for Baghira's yearly vaccination and have another appointment tomorrow. The vet will run some tests namely xray, blood test and ultra sound to check the cause of his cough (just don't ask about the price of all those tests or else you'll start coughing yourself!). Baghira will be turning 14 years old this coming February 2 but we've have him since the last 3 years only. He has led another 11 years of his life before he came to us. The doctor said that due to his age he might be suffering from a serious illness which affects his heart or his lungs. Well do include this little guy in your prayers, may the vet find what's wrong with him and be able to cure his sickness so he may be healthy again.


sueisfine said...

hi Vlado, Toni & Baghira the guy-cat,
hope all will get better soon...especially Baghira (sorry but i have a soft spot for cats!). hope the sun will shine on yr side & warm things up :-D

Su & Daniel
p.s. the collage apartment looks nice!

vlado&toni said...

Hi Su,

Baghira is unfortunately suffering from a heart problem, the muscles around his heart is so thick and his heart pumps really fast. That's why what seems to be coughing sometimes is just Baghira catching up with the beat of his heart. Anyway, he needs to take medication the rest of his cat life to help his heart cope with this problem.

Thanks for get well soon wish!