Sunday, February 5

The long search is over

Here's a picture of the our future home. The lower balcony belongs to our apartment.
Finally after all those grueling search for a new apartment. we finally have one! (hurra!) There isn't a garden for me but around the house is such a nice bush of beautiful flowers (not yet know how it is called) and there is indeed a garden with apple trees just not for me but for the entire compound (about 9 units of apartment is within this compound 3 houses with probably 3 tenants each including the owners). I don't have so much pictures as I have made this time a mini film..I don't know if I can post it however. The aparment is about 4 kilometers from where we live now, just next door to Baghira's veterinarian and to the church we attend (hmmm now we don't have any excuse not to go to church). We would be moving there on the 15th of March (really very soon!)
As for me, I am busy with my work and my school, it's really giving me a lot of headaches lately. Vlado has still the same project where he needs to be away 4 days a week. Baghira has been taking his medication for his heart since 2 weeks ago. It's not hard to let him take the medicine I just conditioned him to get his treats after every medicine. Now he goes voluntarily once he hears the opening of the refrigerator door (the medicine has to be refrigerated). Well an old cat is not hard to train it seems. It is still cold and snowing here in Germany and everyone I talk to is just tired of this chilly weather it seems but mother nature doesn't want to stop and continues to give us those white snow flakes and slippery roads.
Well that's just about it for now. Have a good week everybody!


doris said...

glad to hear you've found one .. now you've got something to look forward to and plan for.... take your mind off your work which you said is giving you a lot of headaches lately....wish I could wrap up some sunshine and send it over to you :)..

sueisfine said...

Congrats on finding the new apartment Vlado & Toni! happy for you guys to have eventually settled this.

try take it easy ok :)
Su & Daniel