Wednesday, January 25

Apartment Hunting Part 4

I thought that this apartment hunting thing has ended but unfortunately it hasn't. We looked at another 2 apartments because our supposed to be future landlord didn't send us the contract for the supposed to be apartment. So with March 15 coming close we have to do our best to find a new home sweet home. Well what do you know, just not far from this place where we live and not far from my workplace and really near the asian shop (",) is another apartment probably just waiting for us. Well the real estate agent said she would give us the apartment but I haven't really raised my hopes yet, I am not doing any planning in my head, colors, rooms and all that stuff because I don't want to be disappointed again. I was already dreaming in the supposed to be apartment that I would be harvesting cherries and apples and would be putting some fishes in the pond so Baghira can really have a nice time with the water. Oh well after a week of calling, faxing, emailing the supposed to be landlord (but getting no response at all to any of it,) the guy sent us the contract today! The nerve! But without the minutes of meeting we've had!Anyway, Vlado and I were talking about it, can we really trust this guy? Hmmm... I think we should rather deal with the real estate agent and this new apartment in the same town where we live. Huh! this moving thing is really challenging!

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