Thursday, March 9

The Countdown

Just 9 more days before the big move. In just a few days we have to organize everything: paint the apartment, install the kitchen facilities and all lights, pack all the stuff we have and transfer them, look for helpers to help us with the move, buy a new wasching machine, unpack all those stuff and clean this apartment and hand it over to the landlord. Whew! If we survive that all with as few hassles as can be, then I'll be really happy.
Last weekend, we went to pick up our second hand "kitchen" (cupboards, shelves, sink, fridge, stove and oven etc). However before it reached its destination.. hmmm guess what happened? Vlado broke already one of the connecting boards (",) so there you go. Hopefully this is the first and the last casualty.
However there are also interesting stories about this upcoming move, it lead me closer to Ebay (where we bought our kitchen), this can be addicting especially with my gambling genes (my father side's family lost a lot of money and property through cards and mahjong ). Unfortunately, I don't have more success than this last buy.
Other than that, we found a real nice mirror in a second hand shop. The shop has not much but the nice ones are sold or reserved immediatly. We found this mirror on a Friday afternoon but it was already reserved till Monday 4 pm. On Monday at 4:20 pm, we went back hoping we might get the mirrow, as we came in we saw the sales assistant just removing the reserved sign whew! I immediately approached him and told him we will get the mirror, just at this moment another sales assistant came with the phone apparently speaking to the person who reserved the mirror. She was just 30 seconds too late. She wanted to extend the reservation. Well of course you know how the story end as evident in the picture (it looks bigger than it appears here). Happy Ending indeed! It just took such a hard time to bring it home. Vlado suffered while driving with such limited space between his foot and the gas/break pedals. Good thing we have an automatic car!

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