Saturday, March 18

Goodbye Philipp-Reis

These are pictures of happy memories in our still recent apartment, tomorrow or rather today (as it is past midnight) Vlado, Baghira and I are embarking on a new journey. We would be finally leaving this apartment. My very first apartment in Germany. I'm a bit sad because I really like this apartment(despite the open kitchen), it's garden and the fact that everything is just walking distance (park, train station, city centre, work place,nice old town). Baghira would definitely miss his garden and the picture windows we have in the living room, which overlooks the whole garden. We would also miss all those festive activities in the city that's just a stone's throw from our apartment especially now that summer is coming over. However with the new apartment, we have more room to entertain guests. We are for example looking forward to Vlado's family who will all be coming over this summer (parents and sister). Aside from that some friends from all over (Hongkong, Philippines, Netherlands and Spain), have already said they will visit us this coming Easter/Summer. Actually our first guests are coming over next weekend already (from Muelheim, Germany), my cousins Janine and Sarah .. hmmm wonder what they would think of colorful walls (will keep you posted about it).
What's just weird is that, I have lived in this apartment since May 21, 2001 but I just have few pictures of it. I've had a digital camera for more than two years but I didn't find much pictures either except a few of them which I am showing to you in my collage. That's how life is, we take for granted what we have and start to miss them when we don't have them anymore.It's no use to take pictures now, all the furnitures are gone(sigh) that would not be authentic anymore. Here are some shots which you can see a bit of the different corners of our dear apartment. Oh well, I should learn from this and start to make a zillion photos from the new apartment.
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