Friday, June 16

Happy Birthday Vlado

We celebrated Vlado's birthday last June 5 in 3 different countries (",) as Rita (our guest from the Philippines) said: "breakfast in Belgium, lunch in Luxembourg and dinner in Germany". We hit two birds with one shot with visiting Lucy and Niels who would be leaving the continent this coming July 1 and moving back home to Canada (see you again in two years!) and showing Dainna and Rita a bit more of Schengen (Belgium and Luxembourg). Without Vlado's knowledge everyone was involved in planning a surprise party for him. Lucy took care of the cake and the champagne. I went with Lucy back to their apartment earlier with an excuse to have a chit chat with her but would actually decorate the living room, Niels had to make a tour with the rest to show a bit more of Brussels, Rita had to untie and tie her shoes desperately so they can walk longer and give us ample time to prepare and Dainna had to ask so many questions along the way to make the walk longer. In the end we all had a great time especially the birthday boy! Posted by Picasa

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sueisfine said...

Happy Belated Birthday Vlado!
Wish you a wonderful year ahead :)
Su & Dan