Saturday, June 17

More pictures of our new apartment

Here are some more pictures from our new apartment. Here you can see the the balcony, the bed room, the living room and part of Vlado's office and of course Baghira the cat who took possesion of this box as long as he could. This is the last box that we unpacked because the cat guy can't let his paws off it. We all like our new home even Baghira has adjusted to his new surroundings, he likes the garden of our neighbor eventhough the dachshund Lucky is pestering him with molesting barks.  Posted by Picasa


Anonymous said...

your house is real nice and i wish could visit you there and sleep over
your soft bed hahaha!!

eyna said...

ang ganda! kailan kaya ulit kami makakadalaw...sana soon! :D

kuya vlado belated happy birthday!

vlado&toni said...

Hi Eyna,

of course you're welcome to visit us, just let us know in advance.. we already have a guestroom this time so you definitely have a place to stay..