Wednesday, June 21

Trip with the kids

I had an outing with the kids from the kindergarden in this beautiful place in Ober Moerlen, up in the mountains. It's just about 40 kilometers from here but it's so peaceful and quiet and the weather was fantastic. We stayed there for two nights and had a really great time . I would have love to post some really nice pictures with the kids but I don't want to be in some kind of trouble otherwise I have to ask permission first and that just cost a lot of time because then I have to explain to the parents the purpose of my blog, why I am showing this pictures etc. etc.. zzzzzzz. We had an splendid time there although it involved a lot of work especially staying up till 4:30 a.m. because a certain boy cried every 30 minutes looking for a) his mother b) his bed c) his brother d) his teacher e) his bed in the hostel (we moved him with his teacher) e) his mother again... and so on.... I happen to be in the next room beside the boy which gave me the privilege to take care of him. Finally after really begging him to stop crying and explaining to him I have other nineteen kids to take care of that day ( I was desparate, all my "pedagogic" skills were drained and not useful) he finally doze off (or was probably just too tired) I was able to sleep till 6 am-- then another kid started singing to the top of her lungs some sort of a "wake up song". There you go with sleeping .. guess the rest of the 19 kids need some taking care of. Unbelievable, when I was a kid I love to sleep but the kids we have sleep at 12 midnight and wake up at 6 am.... What energy! ( or probably it was just excitement). Above are some pictures from the hostel and its grounds. It was so peaceful and there were no other people around except our group that on our second day during a walk with the kids around the area, upon seing a man on the street a kid excitedly shouted "Look, there are also human beings here!" Posted by Picasa

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eyna said...

hehehe, a baby in the house is a lot of responsibility, two can be a bit stressful...19 pa kaya!! medyo parusa ata un! ahahaha!