Wednesday, July 5

No Photos

I don't know but it's been very hard to post new pictures at Blogger lately. I think I should write an email to the web administrator or whoever is in charge of that. Anyway, just want to update you nevertheless of the new happenings this corner:

A. Germany lost the game against Italy - this is really, really sad and frustrating. Italy scored its 2 goals during the last 5 minutes. Germany could have had a chance to win at the penalty shot but that's it: The end of a dream to be the World Cup Champions!
B. Vlado's parents will be coming over this Saturday from Bulgaria and will be staying with us for the next three weeks. (Ta ran! Vlado's nerves will be put to the test once again as he tries to be calm/stay calm the whole three weeks against Tatko's unending questions and hearing the not so needed advices! Watch out for hilarios anecdotes which I will try to publish) Vlado's sister will be coming too in two weeks time. We are looking forward to their visit although we actually still don't have any plans what to do.
C. Summer vacation starts soon (yahoo! ) I have three weeks off and also we don't know yet what to do, we might do one of those last minute vacation where you get a package for a cheaper rate. Having a vacation while the rest of Europe is having a vacation is not so grand after all ( no choice it's part of the curriculm to have this vacation this time of the year). The whole tourist destinations can be bombarded with sooooo many people and you pay extra money for it. A former colleague told me that one time she spent her vacation in the Dominican Republic (that's very far from here!), she was walking inside the hotel complex when all of a sudden she heard her name, somebody was calling her - Ta ran! A kid from her class-- turned out they are staying in the same hotel! The whole two weeks, she ran into the family the whole time, what's more , the mother had the nerve to ask her kid to stay with my colleague while she do some kind of an excursion! (er??? shouldn't she first ask my colleague first, where does she think she is, in Kindergarten?!!)
D. Just signed my contract with the Kindergarden last week. I will be working there in the next schoolyear but part time only (2o hours). Nevertheless, I'm looking forward to working there again and being able to be with our kids. My schoolterm ends this September with an oral exam (it's like a board/state exam, i passed the written part last year)

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doris said...

so we lost to the same team... enjoy your school holidays!!