Thursday, July 20

Updates! Updates!

Unfortunately, I cannot post any pictures till now. It's really frustrating and I wrote an email to the blogger web administrator but they just sent me to the help queries of the web site (can't post pictures?etc. etc. !!) which I actually mentioned didn't help me at all. So hopefully in some kind of miracle we can post some new pictures soon (thanks but no thanks to the web administrator there!). As I have mentioned Vlado's parents are here at the moment and his sister will be coming this Saturday as well. Vlado has been patient with them the whole time and hopefully his patience battery is still fully loaded (they are all together in Muenster at the moment, where Vlado works during the week). If you live far from your parents and you don't see them regularly, you will be really surprise how fast they aged and become older.
We plan to tour around a bit next week, just Germany, a bit of Belgium and the Netherlands. Hopefully the heat wave will be gone till then. It's 38 degrees here .. phew! (enough about weather comments! I am always bombarding you with that) just ironic that Vlado's parents came here to escape from the scorching heat of the bulgarian sun but it followed them all the way here.
Good news! Have I mentioned I will be working in the same kindergarden but only part time? Well ta ran --- it turned out I will be working 35 hours .. that's almost full time (which is 38.5 hours). Vlado said this is an honor because eventhough some colleagues wanted to get the extra 15 hours, I got them all. Thank you, thank you though I didn't think about that. I just told my boss - ok, i'll take the 15 hours.
Tomorrow starts officially our vacation - yahoo! After the visit of Vlado's family, we will be proceeding to Crete, Greece! I am so excited, can't wait to see the sea again. Vlado will probably have a splendid time eating his favorite cuisine (feta cheese, olives and lots of sweet stuff - the greece cuisine is similar to bulgaria's) while I will be stuffing myself with fish galore.

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