Wednesday, August 9

Don't we just love holidays? This is one of the best things life has to offer. Right?
The Pictures below were taken in different towns in Crete, here's a trivia or a bit of gerographical information, Crete is Greece's biggest island, so much as we want to cover more of it, we weren't able to make it. We were there for just a week so we have to enjoy the beach as well and not just the touristic and quaint towns. Pictures with old buildings is from Chania, a really beautiful town, you feel as if you are in Italy than in Greece. The nice sandy beach is in Kalives, we stopped by here for a lunch and I love the town, the locals and the tourists co-exists together so you can really have an authentic feel to being in Crete and as you can see it is not crowded at all!


chats said...

Hi there! I got the post card you sent. Thanks for keeping in touch. Nice vacation pics here. I'm sure you had a blast!
i'm changing my home add soon.. yep, moving.. again.. not yet my own.. still going to rent.. hay buhay.. i will email the new add once we've moved.. Which reminds me - very soon i have to face the mundane tasks of packing, throwing the trash we've accumulated through the years, and again unpacking in the new house.. heehee.. katamad!
Take care!

vlado&toni said...

Hi Chats,

Goodluck, that can really be hard, been there, done that! What's harder is unpacking, if you think packing is hard, think again!