Saturday, September 2


Hi friends! At last here I am again to jot a few lines in our blog. Nothing much new here around the corner. Vlado and I were busy with work as usual the last few weeks after the holidays. I officially started my first day at work yesterday (September 1) although this is only on paper since I did my whole pre school teacher's apprenticeship in the same school the whole year. This coming Thursday I would be doing my last exam which is the orals. so please send me all your positive thoughts on this day. Aside from that we are planning to finally host our house warming party for the people who helped us with the move this coming September 23, I know it took about 6 months but that's just how it is. Better late than later, right?! We have no idea yet how we would do it, but we have invited the people already. We just have to think about the food. One of the guests kiddingly said, "It's about time." (behind a joke lies a hint of truth ---soooorrrry) Then we will also host a getting to know you party with our neighbors this coming weekend. Hmm.. this would not be too difficult I guess because we just plan to serve them cheese, wine and bread (or something like that). Howeve we have not invited them yet (ooops if this is ok with their organized german calendar). So that's just about it for now. Baghira the cat is doing well (actually trying to get rid of his paws on the keyboard right now). I don't know about your cats but this cat likes to sit on the keyboard, sleep, put his paws and head on the keyboard (maybe he's trying to catch the mouse??? hahahaha!). That was an attempt to tell a joke, did you get it??

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