Monday, September 4

Baghira and the keyboard

Here's an evidence of Baghira licking his paws on top of our keyboard. I told you this cat loves the keyboard.

Anyway just three more days before my big exam, I am really nervous but i don't do anything about it except pray (for 1 minute) and study for 15 minutes (the rest just watch television or read forwarded emails). Unbelievable, it dawned on me this morning that after 5 gruelling years of studying it will be over in less than 3 days . Unbelievable! But true! Hmmm suddenly there seems to be an upcoming void in my day to day existence, what will I do next? I think I have to learn a new skill or something, otherwise it will be a bit empty without all those stress and pressure of learning, reading and writing and researching etc. etc... This is really a weird feeling starting to crawl on me. Hopefully the house will be cleaner and more organized because soon I don't have any excuse to say "sorry the house is a mess because I have to study, write a paper, read some notes, feed the cat blah blah blah... " Maybe I can even update our blog even more often... (yeah right, remains to be seen! )

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eyna said...

hi te!

Goodluck for tomorrow! Two thumbs up!!