Friday, September 15

Celebrations Galore

Much as I wanted to post regularly now, I ought to learn first how to manage my time. Last weekend was a really busy week for us. Vlado and I started Friday night with a potluck at church for couples who might be interested to attend a weekend seminar or something like that. We actually had no idea what it would be but it turned out really well. The food was great of course with all those couples coming from almost all corners of the globe. Vlado wished for more events such as this (not only because of the potluck but it would be a lie if I won't tell you this). Upon a short survey, everybody agreed that they love the idea of potlucks. For people who don't know what potluck means, it is basically bringing a dish with you to a party and sharing it with everyone else, which also means you can try out other dishes from other guests. It is not so common here in Germany but because of the international community in our church this habit has become almost a tradition.
On Saturday we invited a family for a dinner and another friend. Hmmm we tried our best to be prepared for their visit, I even cooked 2 dishes, one for adults and one for kids. However we were not prepared for the drinks they might drink. We bought a lot of beer, alcohol free beer, wine, water, a few bottles of sodas. They however chose only the sodas and liked one particular flavor (peach and apple mix) which we only have 2 bottles of. Hmmm... We have a lot of the other sort. Well that's just how it is. Well we did have a great time. As usual I cooked too much. The asian in me always says - More is better! It would be almost like a nightmare when the food runs out and I don't have anymore food to serve to those hungry guests.
Sunday was a little bit too hectic. Vlado said we had enough time to rest and relax in the afternoon that I started preparing at 3 pm. We had some kind of a reception ( sort of a housewarming party) where we invited the neighbors. Whew! Talk about last minute preparations. We invited the neighbors at 6 pm and at 5:45 pm, I was still slicing vegetables, shoving some finger food in the oven, making mozzarela salad and I still have to change my clothes! Talk about stress! I think this was more of a stress than my last oral exams! Anyway it turned out well, we had a nice time with the neighbors, too bad that I forgot to take some pictures. Oh well, of course in the end we ended up with a lot of leftovers.. more baguettes to last a lifetime (learned in the kindergarden that you can freeze them) , one whole meatloaf and lots and lots of dips that are still in the fridge. Hmmm.. anyone want to come over?

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