Thursday, September 7

The long awaited day

Thank you friends for all your prayers and positive thoughts that came my way. I successfully finished my oral exams today. I am a certified pre school teacher starting today! Yahoo! Finally after the long enduring hours of anxiousness, procrastination and worrying (ooppps where does studying comes?) of course, of course studying, reading and reviewing as well. That was one gruelling day. Now I am dead tired so I will finish this post. Just want to share the good news with the world or to whoever reads this blog.


doris said...

Congratulations Toni !! I'll email you soon.

Chateau said...

Congrats! :) It's me Chats.. :) Got a new blog here on blogspot! Do drop by soon. TC!

vlado&toni said...

Thanks, hope to get in touch more often than before now that I don't have to study for exams galore!