Thursday, September 21

Driving 101

I am not really a good driver (yet, hopefully this improves in the next hundreds of kilometers) and normally I am even driving slower than the speed limit so this is indeed a big shock for me to open an envelope with taran! -- 10 euro fine for a speeding ticket! Cannot deny it, because the picture looks just like me ( I really look cool in this picture as if I am in that movie "The Fast and the Furious - Tokyo version" ). What do you think?

Instead of driving 60 kilometers I drove 66 kilometers. Whoa! Is that a record or what??? So today I learned one lesson in driving -- always watch out for those cameras and just stay under the speed limit. It's better to drive slower than faster. For just 6 kilometers, I get a speeding ticket. Hmmm... I think I even drove faster today ..maybe 7 ? Yikes, this gives me the creeps.
Vlado said this is normal with driving, you just can't help it if you get those tickets once in a while. Of course he also said that, when I made a 7 inch scratch on the car by doing a reverse. Yup those are the lessons I learned in my daily adventure with driving. Hope it gets boring from here.

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Chateau said...

Hey! That is you! Buti nalang walang cameras dito, or else the postman would be here everyday delivering my speed tickets hehe! my hubby is afraid when i'm at the wheel, he says i drive too fast...I say, if i weren't a housewife, i'd be a racer! :-0