Friday, September 22


Have a nice weekend everybody! The weather has been great here the past few days. No wonder that the plants are a bit confuse, I see some buds coming out from my little strawberry plant.
Hurra for good weather! Tomorrow, Saturday, we will be having a party with the people who helped us with the move. Hope everything goes well and there would be more than enough food for all. There would be about 17 people if all of them do come as planned. Vlado is at the moment having an interview. Please send him your prayers and positive thoughts. If he will get this job, then he doesn't need to be out of town to often like now (4 days a week)


eugenia said...

es hat so ein Spaß gemacht, deine Blogseite anzusehen.Ich glaube und ich habe ein Mal sogar gesagt, dass du Talent hast, sehr schön und witzig zu schreiben. Ich wünsche dir noch mehr Courage und schreib weiter!!! Danke, dass du so eine wünderschöne Seite für uns alle machst.

eugenia said...

P.S: das Bild von Polizei hat mir sehr gefallen.