Monday, October 30

Back to winter time

Germany moved it's clock one hour backward last Sunday at 3:00 a.m. so we had an extra hour to just do just anything we want to. Of course in my case I used it to sleep longer. However some people tend to forget it so they end up waking up the usual time and wondering where the rest of the people are??? This 1 hour difference symbolizes for me WINTER! Loooooong nights, daaaarrrk days and cold -24/7-. I just hope that we won't get so much snow this year or none at all would be even better. I guess by now you know how talented I am with driving. Speaking of driving I think Vlado and I got another speeding ticket. I just saw the flash coming in some dark isolated street. All of a sudden, out of nowhere came a flash! Smile you're in candid camera!!! Vlado and I were so startled and shocked, I think that picture would have some similarities with those from the Blair Witch Projekt.


Chateau said...

You've to get those winter tires then.. and no more 2fast2furious racing, hehehe!

vlado&toni said...

Yup have them already, it is really cold here once again. Have to scrape the ice already on the car this week.