Monday, October 23

Problem with the computer

Since my last blog entry, I cannot access my files in our computer anymore. I hope that Vlado can find a way to open that directory. We are using XP at the moment and it has 2 users. I can still open Vlado's part but the rest of all our important documents are stored in my directory, that includes all the pictures that I haven't saved and important documents, emails and addresses. This is indeed a problem in the typical life of the century. Has anyone encountered the same problem? User Toni opens up when I click it but I cannot open any programs. It just opens and that's it. Have you had the same problem? Please help me.


Doris said...

Tony says try doing Restore. It's in Control Panel - Maintenance.
Let me know what happens.

vlado&toni said...

Thanks Doris and Tony it worked! What a relief! You're an angel Tony.