Wednesday, October 18

Happy Birthday 2 Me

Old Town Hall built in 1467 (of course they renovated it again and again)

Last Sunday, Vlado and I celebrated my 35th birthday (yup getting old here) in Bamberg, a nice medieval town here in Germany. Just walking along the tiny alleys and streets here triggered my mind to imagining witches being hunted in those times (yikes!). Bamberg is a UNESCO Worl Heritage Site. I really don't know what that meant, but I read somewhere that this applies to old towns with a lot of history, great architechture and culture in it. This is the second town I visited here in Germany with this distinction and they both really look beautiful. The buildings are beautiful with gothic, baroque and rococo architecture (and other styles I really don't know of, so I am just mentioning what I learned in my humanities class). Here's a collage of the different buildings and sights.

Little Venice is what they call this part of Bamberg. Those are former fishermen's houses in the 19th century. Of course they are now villas for the rich (or for those who inherited it as Vlado would say)!We arrived here on a Saturday afternoon and the town was just filled with so many people. Unbelievable as if it is high tourist season. See picture below. I can hardly get a picture of those nice streets and town square and I heard so many english speaking people who most probably are americans. How do I know? Ask me and I'll tell you the secret.A visit to an old cathedral would not be a complete visit in such an old town (after all we want to learn a bit about history here and not just sightseeing). So we decided to climb the hill leading to this world renowned cathedral with history starting from 1007. Can you believe that? That's quite older than 35 right?I have included a picture of the introduction about the church in the collage so you know I am not exaggerating . Just click on the the picture and if you don't understand german just look at the number.
Here's my birthday lunch a specialty of Bamberg, good for one person but enough to feed a family because it is so huge! Roasted pork with crispy fatty skin (yummy, tastes like lechon, really crispy), potato dumpling and cabbage on the side.Asked by the waiter at the end of the meal, if my meal was good. I said yes, very good but I have no more space in my tummy for it. I did my best to eat it all but I am only human and not a pig!


Chateau said...

Happy birthday! Wow, seems like you had a blast on your day... and a sumptuous meal too!

doris said...

would really love to visit you one day and you can take me to one of these medieval towns... with an Esprit store...yes I saw that in the background of one of your photos.. ok ba sa attention to details??

toni said...

Hi Doris,

Bwaahahahhahahah.. yes, you have really good eyes, just like during our jollibee days kita lahat ng singit-singitan.... of course we'll bring you to wherever you want.