Tuesday, November 14

The Week

I finally started my guitar lessons and learning to read the notes at the moment. I think I learned to read it some time in elementary school but forgot it. Oh well! There goes my fleeting memory. Vlado bought a classic guitar for me on Ebay. This guy is truly a real Ebayer. I should write a post about his conquests and secrets in winning in the auction.
Aside from that our weekend was not so extraordinary. I rested the whole Saturday at home
because I was so tired from our Lantern Festival in Kindergarden. This is a german tradition called St. Martin's Lantern Festival who apparently long long time ago was a wealthy soldier and became a saint because he shared his fortune with the poor people. On St. Martin's day (or night) the children have a procession with their handmade lanterns like shown in this picture. Our theme is autumn animals, that's why we have squirrels and hedgehogs.
On Sunday we went to watch a musical at the English Theatre and we came in 15 minutes late because I thought it will start at 6:30 pm and we would meet our friend 15 minutes before the show. Well thinking we were, as always on time and punctual, I was so shocked to see the Foyer empty when we arrived. Good thing that the staff were really nice and allowed us to go to the balcony. What a relief! The first few minutes of the show was just so puzzling because we of course missed 15 minutes of it.
What I am really not so looking forward to this week at work is ta ran the Punch Evening with parents on Thursday evening. This means we
drink alcohol or the so called "punch" (rum, sugar, fruits and i don't know what else is in there) with parents and that's it. A form of socializing but it seems nowadays socializing always include alcohol. Last year it lasted till 12 midnight on a week day. Vlado was so surprised he asked me, if the parents are working. Of course they do, how can they afford to pay for the babysitter. I hope something funny or unusual would happen so I can blog about it ( I could probaby grow roots just by being there - hope to sit beside a nice parent).

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