Wednesday, November 22

My Number 1 Fan

Although my career as a famous acoustic singer hasn't started yet, I already have a loyal groupie of my own. Otherwise we can also be street musicians like this fellow here (master not shown except for his guitar case - ). Anyway, this guy made a lot of money that day I 'm sure. I forgot to write an entry about the famous punch evening at work. I didn't drink any of the alcohol and was smart enough to go home early (10:30 pm - it lasted till 12 midnight) I had a bad conscience though because I left my boss there alone. Hmm nothing funny happened because it turned out I have all the funny stories. People were entertained with my anecdotes about my driving, Well I hope this grants me a parking spot every morning if that would be the case.


eyna said...


next time kanta tayo ng horse with no name...syempre kaw ang mag keklengkleng ;-)

Chateau said...

It's cool that you're learning the guitar! i've always wanted to play the piano but never learned..I remember tuloy our days of hanging out at Fireplace! :D

Minette said...

Toni You were surrounded by fun music growing up @ the Fireplace. I'm not surprised you picked up a guitar now! Started a blog myself - it's not quite ready yet. Come visit! Minette