Wednesday, November 8

Learning a new skill

I guess you can exactly guess what I am up to in the next few days or weeks. This is not exactly the guitar I have but Iam just lazy to take a picture of it and besides it is not yet confirmed if I will use the other guitar we have (Vlado bought one long time ago, he planned to learn how to play guitar, guess what happened to it?? ) V's guitar has steel strings and my future teacher said it is better to start with nylon strings. I plan (planning is a bit weak,like plan to lose 10 lbs next week, next month, next year, next century maybe!) or should I say I aim to learn how to play this music instrument here. Aim sounds more convincing and determined - like I aim to contribute to world peace - hey does not fighting with your neighbor lead to world peace???!! I aim to minimize my waste and garbage in this world - i buy more reusable bottles and recycle my waste into plastic, paper, biodegradable and my bottles to green, brown and colorless, old clothes, old furnitures and whatchamacallit. Actually these are all Germany's normal way of throwing its garbage but some don't follow it so I have extra points there.Here I posted a picture of my calendar all about the schedule for the garbage collection. The bottle thing is done separately as well as the clothes and the whatchamacallit all kinds of stuff that you can think of but not mentioned (phew this thing about the garbage is changing the content of my post - I have to change my title) .

Anyway aside from learning to play the guitar V (starting today I wil address him this way) is also urging me to ride this bike. Unfortunately, although we live very near the forest with a good bike path, I don't have the skill for it. When I was young we didn't have bicycles and we often go to the nearby Burnham Park in Baguio to rent them. Because my sisters were often with me and we didn't have enough money to rent 3 bicycles, we would get the three wheeled bike and they would sit at the back and I would start to pedal like crazy. The girls wouldn't stop shouting "faster, faster!" and gigled and shrieked for joy. Those were the days. Anyway, I am not yet ready to learn this other skill. I need to develop my driving skills first, drive new routes, park parallel and drive in the autobahn. Whew, that would be a lot of skills to learn..

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Chateau said...

I never learned to bike too! and it's also because my younger sisters wanted us to take the side-car bike (w/ 3 wheels).. of course like you , i was the driver! LOL! Fun memories of Burnham Park! :)