Tuesday, November 7

3 hours in U.S.A.

Yup I was 3 hours in the U.S.A., had lunch at Taco Bell, drank rootbeer and went grocery shopping. Look what I bought? Lots and lots of junk food which I used to love eating in the Philippines (because we were used to be a colony of Uncle Sam, he dumped up some of his goods so they can extend their market).Well nevertheless, I was able to find some really cheap medicines (100 pcs ibuprofen costs about 2.50 euros whereas you can buy only 10 pcs of that in the local drug store - so i bought like 3 bottles each with 100 pcs good till 2008, who knows if I will end up there again), some vitamins, notebooks (lined at that because our notebooks here look more like graphing paper),vaseline my favorite lotion and lots and lots of other stuff. It is so cheap there I ended up buying more than I really need because it is so darn unbelievable cheap (compared to the local german products). Ok, the german cold cuts tastes better, the chocolates too so that can be one reason...(but i didn't buy much of those stuff just crunch my favorite chocolate because of the puffed rice). One of the highlights of my shopping spree - I bought mint chocolate ice cream, my favorite (can't buy that flavor here ). Well I couldn't have been in the states right? Yup, just went in a commissary in a U.S. militaty installation with an american working for the U.S. government. That's why! It's a mini america there, they even tank their cars in gallons in US prices, have their own fastfood like Taco Bell or Popeye's. So you see, I was (almost) in the U.S.


Chateau said...

Did you feel like you were in John Hay (the original one ha.. now it's all commercial crap!)?

vlado&toni said...

Yup, feeling ko talaga John Hay, as in! I miss those good old days in Baguio.