Saturday, November 4

Weekend chores

I am just waiting for our guests to arrive while writing this post. Saturday is almost over and Vlado and I spent it just cleaning and organizing here at home. I don't know if the food I prepared is tasty enough. The fish dish was really salty so I have to throw the sauce and the dessert (sort of a mango cream pie) is still soft. The pumpkin soup I made was at first also not so good as I imagined it to be, so have to make some more adjustments. This is probably not my day of cooking. Vlado said if the cake doesn't look good till desert, we would just serve ice cream (hmmm although it is already cold outside). Oh well. (sigh...) I really am tired this week! Oh and I almost broke the television while vacuuming the floor. The television just fell flat on the floor with the screen facing down. Well too bad it wasn't broken. That way I won't see much television and blog more.


Chateau said...

Wow, that's a lot of cooking! The dessert sounds yummy, i hope it turns out well! But ice cream isn't so bad too. Pero mas maganda syempre mai-showcase mo yung creation mo, di va. Good luck!

vlado&toni said...

Hi Chats,
The dinner turned out well, the pie was yummy despite its appearance and the rest was superb (although Vlado said the lemongrass in the pumpkin soup was still hard) . Our guests left closed to midnight and ate really good so I assume they had a nice time.