Wednesday, January 24

Street Signs

Just like the title these are interesting street signs I photographed along the way. All the streets have their own unique pictures, sometimes pertaining to the name of the street itself, faces or nouns like Calle de Dos Hermanas (two women) or Calle del Cordon (cord). I really cannot speak spanish but due to the Philippines being colonized by the spaniards for almost 400 years a lot of the spanish traditions, nouns and culture has find in its way into our own culture and language. What I least expected in Madrid ---- they didn't speak english at all. They didn't even try to understand you. Just a flat No English mentality ( I know that is the case in Paris but Madrid???) Well I just have to scrape all the spanish words I know out of my brain and use my two hands. What do you know but we survived it! What I like about Spain is that I can eat some of the food I love in the Philippines. The best thing about it you don't need much translation for it, Ensaymada is just Ensamada out there!

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