Friday, February 23

Country Roads

Hello friends and bloggers, just want to wish you all a happy weekend. The weather is starting to be good the last couple of days here that it will be a complete waste if we don't go outdoors to enjoy it. Last Saturday V. and I went on a small trip 48 kms. from here to a town called Wetzlar, (you can check out the link if you want, I saw that they have an english translation). V. took the country road instead of taking the highway to check his new gadget, taran -a navigation system! However, there was a detour along the way so the navigation system was a bit penetrant and insisted we turn back (which would probably bring us to the old route which was closed due to the Carnival). Aside from that we found our way really well in those small villages. V. was already crossing his fingers that the battery won't get low (we didn't bring any cables) otherwise we would be like Hansel in Gretel in the deep forest of Weztlarland.
It was a nice town quaint town with lots of interesting shops and traditional half timbered houses called "Fachwerkhaus" in german (sorry the link is in german but you can see pictures how they made those houses) but what I love most is the trip itself, driving to those places and those villages where I saw at least less than 10 people sweeping the street/ the sidewalk or front yard. Wow! These people are really into cleaning and even on a nice Saturday morning! Those frontyards, sidewalk or street were so clean, I don't see any point in cleaning it. I think you can get a blanket and pillow and sleep on it, OK maybe that's exaggerated - what about a picnic? That's really realistic . V. thinks that's why it is so clean, as soon as a cloud of dust comes --boom goes the broom, as if that man/woman living in that house is hiding behind the windows waiting for that cloud of dust to extinguish. Too bad I should have documented it on my camera so I have proof. I will be prepared next time.
Of course I was able to document Wetzlar in living color and the county road with its horses, hay,brook and road what else.


Wil said...

those navigation systems are really neat. I sometimes find myself needing one when I realize I'm going in circles. :-D

vlado&toni said...

Hi Wil, thanks for dropping by. Yup I hope this will lessen our problems when traveling. V. complains all the time that I can'r read maps.