Monday, February 26

Confessions from the Sauna Newcomer

V. and I had decided to have a short weekend getaway. We went to this hotel with spa facilites,you know the usual sauna, pool, etc. etc. It went really well because it has been raining the whole 3 days here so it was worth doing something indoors. What strucked me about Germany and its saunas is .... people get really bare naked together in there! I am not sure how it is done in some parts of the globe, but here you are rubbing shoulders with naked men and women! Yes, men and women in one sauna.. whatever kind of sauna it is - finnish, swedish, laconium etc. etc.... bare naked bodies- young and old. It took me a lot of courage and guts to get into this kind of naked culture. I just can't help it, I know it is very impolite to stare at other people but within those sweat and steam I can't just help myself. I sort of entertained myself while waiting for that 15-20 minutes to go without thinking about my own sweating body.
1)There was a pair, I named Roxette and Mr. Germany. I guess he felt proud of his tanned Mr. Germany body showing off to us, tensing his body a little to show those muscles while rubbing his towel and proud of his Roxette looking partner. Yup he's got the look although I think they are about 50 years old.
2)Next batch of sauna goers- The single men. Their bodies really clean of european hair. Unlike Asians, Europeans have hair all over, and I mean all over! The whole industry on removing those hair is probably worth billions!!! V. think that is impossible that these men don't have any hair on their bodies. One man had something like a baby's behind, hairless even the legs and back which remind me of a mexican hairless dog. Wow that must have cost a lot of €€€€€! to do that treatment(saw this week a show about men doing some kind of beauty treatment to remove those hairs). I hope they were able to meet some girls out there.
3)The Black forest pair yup I guess that's just enough to say what it is. Those two really have the black forest with and on them. It was really interesting, they were so pale looking yet so black. V thinks they have spanish genes. I heard them talking in german accent free nevertheless.
4)Man/woman with jewelry. I find it quite weird that they are bare naked yet with their earrings/rings/necklaces on. I guess they don't want to be that naked???
5)The Golden Girls and Boys. Yes grandmas and grandpas enjoy going to sauna too. V. was afraid they might have some kind of emergency in there heart/panic/asthma attack??!! One grandpa went with us in the quiet/meditation room and before you know it -in less than 2 minutes he was snoring like a wild man!
The weird thing about seing them all in the sauna is seeing them again in the hotel, restaurant and lobby. Of course with clothes on! Like I want to say hello, how are you doing? So, will I see you again tomorrow in the sauna? Same time, same spot??

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Wilbert said...

Hi Toni and Vlado, Nice to read you enjoyed your sauna experience. Yep,
europeans are one hell of a kind. But you have to admit, going to a
sauna and having the complete relax treatment is great, isn´t it?
Greats, wilbert PS. hope to see you guys soon in Holland.

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