Wednesday, February 28

The Frustrated Baker

Being home early and having enough time on my hands to do something rather than watch TV or sleep. I decided to try to make some cookies out of scratch. That means no ready to bake cake/cookie mix of that sort, but real mixing of flour, baking powder etc,. etc.I used to be good at baking but due to a traumatic experience back in high school were I accidentally interchanged the used of baking soda and baking powder for about a hundred or two cupcakes (my mom used to sell them ), my aspirations and career as a baker went so fast downhill to down the pits of the earth. Mother was so mad because she thought she can trust me with the baking and all. Well I was just a kid nevertheless and even adults make mistakes don't they ???!!!(just as the mistake she commited leaving me alone to bake two hundred moist choco cupcakes). Anyway enough about the trip down memory lane. So I was blog hopping again (of course my favorite hobby ) when I landed on this link. Well I thought this doesn't sound so complicated,I might as well try it and give the kids (we have a field trip tomorrow) a treat. This way I can practice baking and let the kids enjoy some cookies.
So I did my best to do what's explained in the recipe. My very own chocolate crinkles! I didn't alter anything except for the eggs, instead of 2 I took 3 because mine were rather tiny eggs.
Well it didn't look so bad. I chopped the chocolate, melted it on a sort of boiler because I don't have my own. Then mix the dry mix with the liquid mix. Chilled the cookie dough and rolled the cookie on powdered sugar.

Baked it for 10 minutes, 170 celsius but what happened???

It definitely didn't look like the same as shown from the joy of baking.
Frustrated (again!) and traumatized (oh no, not again) I let out the last batch and rolled them thoroughly and exagerratingly into the powdered sugar. Sat in front of the oven for exactly 10 minutes maybe, I am not so sure anymore. It felt like forever. The cookies turned into this.
Well that has a happy ending indeed for the 8 pieces of crinkles. The last batch turned out well. The rest of the ugly 20++ pieces will be eaten by the kids (glad that chocolate crinkles don't exist here so they can't compare it with the real ones) and the nice ones from above will get my colleague who gives me all sorts of presents every Thursday despite my telling her she should stop doing it ( she usually takes a ride with me to work/from work).


Mina said...

ate nung nilagay mo ba un castor sugar na powdered e malamig na ba ang crinkles? because u have ro spread the white sugar after the cookies have been baked and already cooled down...

Chateau said...

ate, ayan listen to the advice of your lil sis, haha.
Looks yummy naman ah. Buti ka nga nakakagawa ng ganyan. I'm not a baker-type. I'd rather cook than bake, i find it too matrabaho. hehe, in short, tamad!

vlado&toni said...

Hey the recipe said the cookies have to be rolled in the powedered sugar before baking, maybe i just didn't roll it too much in the first attempts. Anyways, despite the appearance eh the kids loved it! Even my colleagues who are almost world champions in baking. Probably because this cookie can't be seen anywhere here, wait till they try the real ones. Ahahhaa!