Wednesday, February 7


Greetings to all fellow Bloggers and Friends. Hope you are all doing well. I am very sorry for my absence the past few days or weeks I should say. I have been sick the last few days so I really haven't had the chance to do some blogging. However, being sick at all I was able to discover a weblink where you can watch tv shows (old and new) and movies without downloading anything for free of course. Vlado can't believe his luck with the 300++ episodes of The Simpsons . I also can't believe my eyes when I saw movies there that is actually still showing at the theates. So I burned my eyes out watching tv shows and movies while being sick in bed.
In case you are now curious just click the following links: (i checked again today they are upgrading their system so try again some time later in case you can't get in) (you need to register though but it is really very easy, just an email)

Of course you would need a broadband internet access to enjoy the full use of this service. Well I hope you can enjoy this site as much as we have enjoyed it.


eyna said...

hi te toni!

di ba pag maysakit dapat nagpapahinga
at di pinapagod ang mata? bwehehehe.


will email / call soon! pangako! may tatapusin lang kutsikutsi ;) hehe.

labs, eyna

Mitch said...

Hello! Grabe! I'm so happy that I read your blog. Thanks for the sites you've been sharing! Galing nito hehehe. I have tried it here in the ofc hehehe, and it works! But don't worry I don't watch during working hours, I'm about to leave so I just tried it out. Thanks again!