Wednesday, February 7

The Yesteryears

This picture was taken somewhere in Manila back in the 1870's. I cannot exactly say where because I forgot it. I know I wanted to remember it just for this purpose but sorry, I am just a blogger not a journalist.

Nevertheless hurra! I can publish pictures again. I should grab this opportunity and blog till the sun rises or better till the snow melts, that is more realistic given the weather we have at the moment.
Saw this picture among other things in the Ethnological Museum in Madrid. This is the only museum we visited there despite the reputation of the city as the cultural center of Spain and has at least 2 must see museums (The Prado and Thyssen) in Europe (didn't visit them of course too many people, too big, too much art ). We are not really museum fanatics, Vlado and I. Rather observe the locals doing their thing than wait in line for two hours to get into those buildings and stare at walls and objects, of course not to mention literally rub elbows with fellow bloody tourist like us. This Museum shows objects from Spain's former colonies thus the interest.
I guess I spoke too soon about the pictures, can't upload the rest. I will try again tomorrow.

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