Saturday, March 10

Stockholm here I come!

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My friend Eugenia has been asking me for quite a while (even before they moved there) to visit her in Stockholm before they leave for Moscow in June (her husband is doing a 6 month training there). Well attempts to visit her though is not that easy. She has been pendling between Stockholm, Prague, St. Petersburg and Stuttgart in the last 3 months. Well that's about 4 countries so planning a trip to see her can be a little too hard. I had almost given up on this idea despite her optimism that I might indeed visit her in Ikealand one of these days. However on my last phone call to her (finally caught her in Prague!), it turned out that I might have the chance to visit her. A really good offer at Lufthansa (at 99 € !!!-must click that "book now" or else forever lose this offer) and a late night phone call to a colleague (to ask for 4 days of leave within the next few days) made it possible. So exactly 15 days from now I hope to see a living moose (not the stuff one) and so much more of course! Do I sound so excited? You bet I am.

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