Monday, March 12

Lessons from the Kindergarden

One of the things I love most about my work is going on field trips with the kids. It can be any kind of excursion, just going to the park, eating ice cream in the city, going to a museum and even going on a camp. The kids have those big eyes and the perked ears which sometimes may not be the case when they are inside their usual (or boring???) classroom. Well it is not just the kids who have big eyes, indeed I have bigger eyes than usual (despite my chinky eyes) because I need to see what the kids behind me, in front of me, and beside me do and of course I try to make the most of the trip as well.

Take for instance this trip in Frankfurt's Geld Museum (Money Museum). According to our guide, this is one of the oldest forms of payment in history. I have forgotten exactly how heavy it was, but it was as big as one of our 5 year olds. Our guide said that this "money" was in that time good enough for a good, healthy pig. The kids were really fascinated from this money.

One more form of old money was this - The Seashells from the South Sea. This is really interesting. Where I come from such shells were abundant (7,107 islands). You can almost go to any beach and grab your fortune!

The kids were asked which money they prefer - in unison they answered "The Big Stone!" One boy said "That way I won't ever have problems of losing it, not like the shells, they are so tiny, my mom would be really, really upset if I lose it." Hmmm ok, that's a good arguement.

I on the other hand would love to have more of this.

Ok, Ok I can settle for this too, it's not that bad after all.


Gattina said...

Looks very interesting ! Are you living in or near Frankfurt ? I was born in Frankfurt but have never been there, only once at the Hauptbahnhof when I was 10 years old, (yesterday) But my parents and family are from there and around in short from Hessen. I lived 2 years in Waldorf which at that time was not belonging to Frankfurt, I think today it does. And my cousin lives in Wiesbaden (know the Brita Filters ?)
Congratulations to Hubby ! Bravo !

Gattina said...

Forget my stupid question, just read it in your profile, had totally forgotten !