Monday, April 16


I noticed that I haven't blog about my dear cat for a longer time now. I was just going through the internet last Sunday when the cat started to get insecured again. For those of you who have cats out there you know what I'm talking about. The computer table/screen /keyboard/mouse is at the most interesting if the master is using it (hmmm master for humans in relation to cats is actually not appropriate because they tend to be the master and not the pet) . Anyways, the cat was
in front of me and I decided to research a bit about him. Baghira is actually already 15.4 years old and according to this calculation he is actually 77.6 years old in human years. Whew! That's a lot, no wonder he and my father in law who's turning 70 this coming September (who normally doesn't like cats!) got along well with him on his last visit here. They both after all have something in common .

I've had Baghira for the last 4 years, we adopted him from the animal shelter or actually he adopted us. We wanted to take a younger, whiter cat (i really didn't like to have a black cat because it would be hard to see him when he starts to hide somewhere). The gray/white cat was a bit shy but I thought that's fine. Then the lady at the shelter told us, there is another cat, quite old and just gotten in a few days ago, this cat apparently is not shy at all. Out of curiousity we came in to take a look at this cat. There he was meowing and immediately ran to us and purrred all over while going around my legs. I told the lady immediately, I'll take this one. Forget about that younger cat. The workers at the shelter really didn't give us any reason why such a lovely, well behaved sweet cat was given away at such an age. We just have our theories that Baghira name based from Jungle book by the way, (we didn't change his name anymore) was once owned by a nice old lady who probably died or went to a home. He likes cake (actually only particular german cakes) like Bienenstich for example, he is crazy about it, cookie crumbs and whipped cream that goes with Apfelkuchen (apple pie/cake) too. Cats usually don't like sugar but this cat is addicted to it. I could just imagine this old lady who had her Kaffee and Kuchen (coffee and cake) ritual beside her cat.


sexy mom said...

Baghira, though old, seems to be a charming cat. and Baghira has taste-liking those particular german cakes.

Gattina said...

That's a shame ! I didn't even know that you were owned by a cat ! So it must be a looong time ago that you mentioned this adorable black beast ! Why don't you participate to Cats on Tuesday ? I had the idea because a lot of people don't have special cat blogs but like to write about their cats once a week on tuesdays. If you are interested the rules are on my blog, but there are no special rules. I started with 6 people and now we are 20 but it's so nice and interesting to read all these mostly very funny cat stories.

You ask me to put a link to my blog ! It never came in my mind to ask somebody, I just put the link when I like the blog, so yours is already in my links, lol ! (Du bist zu anständig um ehrlich zu sein !) I am pleeeeaaased !