Sunday, April 15

Delayed Opera Pictures

I was able to find the USB cable from my camera where I took pictures from the Theatre . It is actually from my new mobile phone which is a machine on its own - camera, radio, mp3 player, video camera, voice recorder, television, internet (I can even blog from it!), organizer, alarm clock, video call etc. etc. ( I still don't know how to operate all its functions, the flying Rav who I met last Friday even gave me a short tutorial) I took a picture from a kid at work last week and he was just amazed that I can take a nice quality picture of him from this phone. A few seconds later, he quite had a pensive look on his eyes so I asked him what's wrong.. his answer " hmm, I was just wondering Toni, how will my mobile phone look like when I am already big like you?" to which I answered.. well it could probably drive your car and clean your house too. "Cool!" Hope I won't disappoint him.
I look as if I'm smiling on this picture but actually deep inside I really am scared, but you know how asians are (or filipinos for that matter - we just love to take pictures-- anything just for that click). Here is The V. (he gave himself this new alias) with me and down under us is the stage. Quite cool actually, we can really see the musicians and the stage under us. Look at my hand there, I was a bit scared at first.


Gattina said...

Gosh ! what an instrument ! Now I ask myself if with all these functions can it still be used as a phone and one is able to call the police at least ? Imagine somebody faints and you have to click on all these menus to find where to click for calling !Meanwhile the person got up and walked away !
But don't be afraid of the future ! It's always an adventure, I mean if you follow. Look at me, there was not even telephones at home, no computer, no internet and where I am now ? and I really enjoy it !
BTW I am pleased to see you both in so nice pictures !

Chateau said...

Kewl! Love that phone! I have its younger brother (or sister)- K608. I love the functionality of SE phones. Di na ako marunong gumamit ng nokia haha

Toni said...

Yup I guess technology and its users will outdo itself in the next years to come.Btw, thanks Gattina for the compliment. I know, you are so right about that with clicking all those menus.I have to invest more time to learn how to operate this phone.
Chats, unlike you I have always been a Nokia user so this phone is indeed a challenge :) I can operate those phones almost with eyes closed.

Sarge Charlie said...

wow, photos like that from a phone.