Saturday, April 7

The Magic Flute

Here we are getting ready for our first ever visit to the Opera. We really didn't have any idea, how it would look inside and where we would be seated because we've never been in this theater.V. just bought one of the cheaper tickets ( hint - this ticket is 50 cents cheaper than a usual 90 minute movie ticket). We needed to climb really a whole lot of stairs and almost ran out of breath when we reached this door. Whoa! I almost got sick because I really have fear of heights. I have to lean back as far as I can from the railings while my companions where gleeing with fascination. The theatre look splendid and looked like a place where Operas are performed. How could I know that for the price of €7.50/person? Chandeliers, paintings, sculptures, beautiful balconies all the works. Eyna told me I shouldn't be scared because if something happened we would be landing on the balcony below us, that sounds really morbid but I guess it helped a bit to ease my nerves. Once the music started, I just forgot all about my fear and leaned on the railing to see more of the orchestra and see more of Papageno and Tamino. Well what do you know, the kids version of The Magic Flute (Die Zauberflotte) was not really bad. I understood quite a lot of it just basing it from the kid's version. Well during the break, V. took his sypnosis so we would sure follow the whole story (and not somewhere along the way fall asleep, we survived the first Act - 90 minutes of it so another 90 minutes await us). I took some pictures of the theatre but I can't seem to find the USB cord for my camera, I'll be showing it to you later so you'll know what I mean.
At the end of this experience I had quite a good feeling about my taxes, for sure some of it get to such projects. I told V. we should do more stuff like this than go to hollywood movies which in fact cost more! This is really unbelievable, I don't know how they maintain these theartres and their actors.

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maiylah said...

wish we have the same here (Philippines), too ... well, i think we have some great theaters, but getting a ticket costs the earth! :(