Friday, April 6

Good walk, good friday

It's Good Friday and literally a good one. The sun is shining and we have some good friends visiting us for the weekend. We started the day today with a little hike in the nearby mountains, a little walk about 4 kilometers probably all in all. We thought about extending to another trail but decided to head back home after a few hundred meters because of our plans for the evening, don't want to sleep in the middle of the Opera because of tiredness (or boredom?). Yup you've read it right. Since there weren't much to do on such public holidays it's either we head for a Heavy Metal Rock Concert, the Opera or go to a Concert of Johannes Bach's Passion of Christ (this we did a few years ago already and have no intention of repeating it again). I really am not a heavy metal fan so we only have one more choice left - to go to the Opera for a change since I (and so are our friends Eyna and Thomas) haven't been to one. I really am curious how it would be.. hmmm .. well it's not a heavy piece just Mozart's Die Zauberflotte (The Magic Flute). I've seen the kids performed it once in Kindergarden (their own version abridge version I guess) and V. is very skeptic about it, if what I know about this Opera is really what I will see/hear tonight. Will let you know how it would go.


Gattina said...

Did you survive ? I mean the Opera ! I had to go in so many when I was a Teenager (with my parents) that I really have an overdose of Operas ! Except the once from Puccini, or other Italians because Germans have such a funeral music !

sexy mom said...

pictures of your good friday walk are so communing with nature!

here in manila, there are so many churches, one could take a pick which church to go to for the services. and the good thing was that this year, holy week was not so hot, we even had a welcome shower.

belated happy easter!

vlado&toni said...

Hi Gattina, well guess what? I survived the Opera :) It really went well, much to my surprise. I thought we would be heading home after the first act. Indeed it went so well that we are planning to visit another one-- I'll take your word for it and will see an italian one next time. Can you recommend me one, good for a beginner?

vlado&toni said...

Hi Sexy Mom, thanks for dropping by!The weather really plays a great deal during such public holidays, we thought about visiting some churches too but here in Germany, the churches have some sort of opening hours (which varies from church to church) so we didn't risk going to see closed doors.Although come to think of it, maybe they have special hours for Easter. Oh well maybe next year again.