Thursday, May 31

Cat Guy looking for a place this summer!

Summer vacation is almost right around the corner .. hmm actually two more months to go but those months can easily fly. So the usual problem, that has been going on for the last 5 years .. where to with this guy? For most cats, it isn't much of a problem to leave them to good friends but with this cat guy around, you just don't want to ruin those friendships. He is such a nice cat but way too demanding.. you have to wake up at 6:30 a.m. to the top of his meow (no holidays) once you are up and about and give him a little stroke all over his belly and chin - he then heads to his bed and doze off. Really, really impolite don't you think so? In most days, it really saved me from getting late to work but with other people?? In the afternoon he needs to go out and check his territory - then comes home like every 30 minutes ready to tell you all he saw.. meow here, meow there.. you think it's really cute for the first time but when you live with him, it's the same story every day--meow here, meow there.. . At 6 p.m. you need to prepare his meal, or else there will be a growling cat behind you, in front of you, beside you.. this cat has an inner clock so precise like the swiss clocks. After a while - if he likes his meal, it gets quiet but after eating he then tends to you again and asks you how your day was, meow here. meow there.. with matching purring too and head butts, if not bad luck for you -. Really sweet since he's my cat, but if this your cat, hey- way too demanding .. other than that, he doesn't like it if you stay on the phone for more than 15 minutes (friends often thought I have a crying infant beside me when i stay too long on the phone.. nope it's the cat competing with the phone for my attention) .. and when you go online.. prepare to save that piece of data every now and then, you'll never know when he gets on the table and lays flat on your keyboard. Yeah, so is life with a cat who probably thinks he is not a cat. I really cannot wish for another cat , he is quite a true friend (like a loyal dog) , always there (even when you don't want to), h e follows me even going to the toilet!! and ready to give you a warm, soft fur under your feet or just under your elbows.. I don't know how manages that but he tries to squeeze himself all the time.
He is one tough guy, almost 16 years old, no teeth at all, impaired hearing and sight and with a weak heart but ready to meet each day with lots of meowing and purring. Nobody can resist his charm, not even the neighbor's dog. He was so popular in the old street where we used to live (yup he shows his good side to those who don't know him) that during easter and christmashe gets gifts from the neighbors, we humans don't even get a card.
So the question -where to this summer? The old pension he goes to is fully booked, the other one- he is so probably blacklisted we dare not try because of his meowing -- (he lost his voice there) , a good friend who can be a saint for cats now has two kittens, the other pensions have cats who bullied him and the rest are way to expensive ( going to €8-€13 a day , we plan a three week stay ). Meow.. that's all I can say, wish us luck -- we would be visiting two pensions this week. Hopefully one of them would take him and wouldn't cost so much - we're hoping for €6/day with good humans and good living conditions for the cat guy.


Ahoy! said...

Hallo! Yeah, the net is a strange place for this 6-degrees of separation thing. Know one, know all :-) I browsed though all your posts since the Feb 05! Haha! What can I say?

1) I love cats myself!

2) Wow, you do a lot of travelling! Been to Germany at least 4 times to visit my sister there, but I've only been around Mannheim, Heidelberg, Gaggenau and Baden-baden. Hopefully, I will be able to experience it's other beautiful cities as well as some of the places you have been to these past years. It sounds exciting!

3) In connection with number 2: Di ba nga, Germans are invading the world through tourism. I take it that you take your vacations seriously!

4) Anyway, you seem to be having a lot of fun down there, I'll keep posted to your blog!

Joy :-)

Toni said...

Hej Joy,

Ja-you are so right that Germans are invading the world through tourism.. they are definitely everywhere!!! And yup we do take our travels seriously :) I think we just live for's a contagious national disease.

chateau said...

Baghira sounds like a darling! Feeling mo talagang anak mo na sya haha! I can imagine how jealous he will be when you get your own REAL baby... My kids are like that too when they want attention.
Good luck with finding a place for the guy...
Btw, I tagged you! I hope you can play along.
Re goodies, I wasn't able to get them kasi it was logistically impossible for the Rav to drop them so she decided Dav will bring them home nalang next week.

maiylah said...

Funny, i had a dog named the same as your cat! though differently spelled (it was Bagheera, and my dog was a "she"). ;)

Gattina said...

All you describe I have x 4 ! And old Lisa with only one tooth left has an appetite like a starving tiger. Purring and pulling at my hairs at 5.30 am is normal in this house. You put one toetip in the kitchen and at least 3 of them are there to manifest their "empty" stomac ! For holidays fortunately I have a very nice neighbor who is used to spoiled cats (she has also 3) and comes over 3 times per day switching on TV for the poor darlings that they have a little company isn't that a service ? You should participate on Cats on Tuesday (see my cat blog)