Wednesday, May 30

Fun times with Janine and Daniel

It was a busy but pleasant weekend for us entertaining guests from all over -- well the Flying Rav is from somehere and Janine and Daniel comes from somewhere too so that sums up all over. The V and I really like having guests and showing them a bit of what we have around this area-- you see, if you have guests- things you usually take for granted becomes interesting through the eyes of those guests. I didn't know that our town has so many of the oldest this and that - this we just learned this weekend.
Well the weather was really pleasant so we decided to do a bit of tour around, seeing old timber houses like this.. and wondering where the people might be.. yes, empty streets on a nice, sunny, saturday afternoon, as you can see from the photo below, a shot right in the middle of the city.

It was really hot during this day and I was almost tempted to drink from this fountain - unfortunately it says "water not suitable for drinking" this is so irritating .. all over Germany, I see such beautiful, refreshing fountains and with a sign water not suitable for drinking.. i will definitely drink from it one of these days and I'm almost sure I will not die from it! (but rather from thirst!!!) - hey this is Germany, the health and sanitation standards are extremely high. Those fountains are just so old (like from the middle ages??) that they just think all those pipes are rusty..hmm they should see how the pipes are in some of the third world countries..
Of course a trip around Frankfurt wouldn't be complete to see a bit of skyscrapers and eat typical Hessen food. I should have made pictures of that dinner - you wouldn't believe your eyes. Daniel this six footer guy with the help of the three tiny people around him (ok V. had his own dish but he also took some of that pork) couldn't finish that super super size meal- whoa that portion is enough to feed two families with children!!
It was really a wonderful weekend despite all our allergies -- what a tragic group of people we are.. all bombarded with all sorts of allergies, the pollens were probably so wild that day. Daniel, (the second clumsiest person next to me- in that left photo we are trying to show off what a mess we've made of ourselves! ) was right all along, it starts from your eyes (left to/or right), then moves to your nose, throat and all over where it can give you an itch. I almost couldn't breathe in one moment there. ( Yikes and I forgot all my medicines-- but not so bad after all with V. forgetting the coffee maker .. hmmm. good thing we have such friendly neighbors who we bothered to turn off that machine).
Well Janine and Daniel, thanks for the wonderful visit. Do visit us some time again in the future, it was really fun with you guys around.

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