Tuesday, May 29

Fun times with the Flying Rav

The Flying Rav, sister of imom, flew again the friendly skies of Frankfurt (bringing yummy goodies from imom too - thanks again imom and flying rav). The V. and I had the chance to give her a bit of tour around our area here, showing a bit of Rüdesheim, a really must see place for tourists in this area. You have not only the view of those vineyards but also the quaint towns and castles along the Rhine River.
We really had a blast, enjoying the weather and watching fellow asians getting crazy with their cameras :) clicking here and there, almost non stop in search of that perfect holiday picture. But thanks to one of them, we finally got a chance to have a picture with all the three of us together. It's actually a nice shot, don't you think so? We actually took a small ferry to go to the other part of the river, just to have that feel of crossing the river on the barge.. but actually it was only about 8 minutes and that was it.
Rüdesheim doesn't only has beautiful views of the Rhine River - it also has different kinds of shops. Among them the Kathy Wohlfarht shop, which inside is has an all year round Christmas. This shop saved us from the scourging heat outside.. it was Christmas, cold and air conditioned! We just couldn't resist to have a bit of Christmas.
Here we are in that famous Drosselgasse. The V. said it's famous but I really don't know what's famous with it, except it has lots of pubs serving lots of super size Schnitzel and Bratwurst with lots of fatty fried potatoes on the side. There's a lot of live music going along from accordion, yamaha electric organ music to almost polka like music and german folk music called Schlager. Sometimes if you get really lucky there are also bands playing recognizeable dancing music but sorry only for the oldies but goodies at heart. Along this alley are also shops of all sorts .. selling weird things with messages on it which I tried to translate to The Flying Rav but there's no use it wasn't funny at all in english. I guess the germans have another way of being funny and I thought it's funny too ( this means I'm being germanized). The shops try to sell of course the famous Riesling Wine the not so famous Asbach Uralt a brandy that comes from this region of the Rhinegau but also some things not really related to Germany but heck crazy tourists buy them anyway. See what I mean with this? Well at least Snow White comes from Germany so that counts.

We really enjoyed your company Flying Rav, come fly the friendly skies of Frankfurt again. Till your next visit.


maiylah said...

Snow White came from Germany? didn't know that, till now. hahaha ... ;D
but would love to have those toys (or are they toys?)...
not for me, really. but for my son
(heck, who am i fooling?!) :D
lovely shots!

Toni said...

yup,walt disney was able to market it really well as if it's their own.. even cinderella too comes from here.. well snowhite name's schneewitchen (translated) and cindy is aschenputtel
do you know that all those dwarves fit into that snow white.. amazing, ey?

chateau said...

Huwaw! You guys seemed to have lots of fun! Ateng Rav and I have not spoken yet. SHe's coming to MNL for a turnaround flight, will just drop ze German package, hehe.
Hey, I learned that the original Cinderella was from China, on which the Grimms brothers based the western Cinderella. There really is an old old old Chinese tale about a girl much like the story of Cinderella. Hehe, count on CHina to give you the oldest etc.
Ooh, I'm so excited to get the sausages galore later!