Tuesday, May 29

Strawberry Fields

It's that time of the year where we can't just can't get enough of ta ran - strawberries (and asparagus too) !!! I grew up in that part of the Philippines where strawberries grow. This makes us really special in a way, because of the so many people from the lowlands that go up the mountains of Baguio (15oo meters/5100 feet altitude) to buy just - strawberries and vegetables that only in most "cold -meaning not tropical" countries grow. So that's why when it's strawberry season here, I am reminded again of the good times in Baguio and how at least once a year, it's as if I'm in my old city again.
The kids (and yours truly ) had a really wonderful time- picking and eating and more eating than picking :) all those strawberries waiting for us. What's more amazing, all of the strawberries were for free!!! Even in those big containers I got for my co teachers -- yummy!!! The owner of the farm said kids from kindergarden get free strawberries and adults pay. But upon payment -- the ladies at the cashier told me -- what the heck.. it's hard enough taking care of those kids.. you'll get the strawberries for free!!! Well, that's one perk I get from doing this job. Unfortunately, we are only allowed to get free strawberries once a year-- well till next season then.

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