Monday, May 14

Happy 5th Wedding Anniversary Bansie-Wansie!
Picture taken in one of V's and Toni's favorite place in the world-- Melnik, Bulgaria
This is the smile of relief after surviving the life threatening sand pyramids with bare feet, getting lost in all those hills and v's pants getting ripped off. What you see is only the tip of it. So is marriage, full of adventure but once you've overcome the obstacles it is truly one rewarding adventure of a lifetime!
The V. is complaining again of my clutter, disorganization and shopping frantics- my answer... hey, what's your problem you've survived it for the last 5 years, Congratulations!


chateau said...

Happy 5th Anniversary to Toni and the V!
Hey, went Chinese drugstore-shopping this afternoon. I got you some itch creams, muscle pain oil, chrysanthemum tea, and some other stuff! :)

Toni said...

Thanks a lot! Looking forward to our next exchange!