Saturday, May 12

We're back!

Hello Blog World! Here we are once again, refreshed from our holiday and ready to blog once again. I have a lot of stories to tell but first let me tell you all what a splendid time we've had in Tuscany! Now I know why many people speak so much of this place and from now on I will be one of those people too. Hope I won't bore you because I do have a lot of stories to tell.
You can click on all the pictures to see it larger and better
First (mis)adventure, the drive which was supposed to be about 12 hours, passing through Germany, Switzerland then Italy (with all breaks included) turned out to be 16 hours (with even less breaks included). The Italians had a long weekend and guess where they wanted to go to? Yup, there you go, the same destination. Nevertheless along the highways of the Swiss Alps we encountered some traffic too. But the view was fantastic driving along and through those snow capped mountains (literally- Switzerland has so many tunnels.. one of which we passed is about 17 kilometers long!!!! that is definitely not for claustrophobics).

The V. is very happy with his Navi-system, this made the drive smoother and gave us a harmonious drive because he wouldn't have to deal with my map reading skills (which infuriates him most of the time and makes me irritated in return of course!! Hey I'm only trying to help here).

We had the chance to get to know our Landlord who owned the 1500 hectares of land around us. He is such a kind hearted soul who even without no knowledge of german or english was able to open his heart to us and we without knowledge of italian except grazi and ciao and having an italian phrase book could communicate with him in the most impossible ways.

This is the road leading to our rented apartment, surrounded with olive and fruit trees of all sorts and hills. We truly felt like great Hacienderos (Feudal Lords) with all this land around us and having nobody except a small village on the hill with its hourly church bell - which actually is even not on time, 6 minutes ahead, so after hearing it, wait for another 6 minutes and you can hear the church bell from the next village too.

In the end we promised ourselves that this wouldn't be the last time to come here, it may not be in the same area again (but who knows with nice Eraldo waiting for us). After all can you resists such a beautiful place?


chateau said...

Hey, welcome back! Your photos are beautiful - i'm sure Tuscany is a hundred times more!
The Rav has been panic-buying on the sunflower seeds. She reportedly buys by the maleta everytime they go to China! Apparently, even her husband's relatives in Amsterdam are hooked as you and V are!

Toni said...

Yup already told V that we will be getting some supplies soon :) My parents in law would be hooked on them as well when we bring some for them this Sept.
Tuscanny is truly beautiful, the mountains reminded me of Baguio too.

sexy mom said...

wonderful, i kept looking and looking and looking. you must have enjoyed each moment in tuscany.

Toni said...

Yup sexy mom, we really enjoyed our time there, as you can see I added more pictures.. :)